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Impairment Review Services for Workers' Comp Organizations

We offer several Impairment Rating services that can help you control the mistakes that are often found in the Impairment Rating reports.

Impairment Rating Reviews:  

EME offers Impairment Solutions, a program which provides our clients with accurate and fully referenced AMA Impairment Reviews. You will receive a short but comprehensive report outlining the mistakes found and the corrections to those mistakes with exact references from the AMA Guides.

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Permanent Disability Ratings (PDR):  

Give us the Impairment Rating and we will generate a report with the PDR for you. Make sure you provide us with the number of employees, the job description, the pay and if a job was offered.

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Results Comparison:

On all of our reports, you will get a before and after result. The PDR, if requested with the submitted Impairment Rating and the new PDR with the validated Impairment Rating. The results will be very enlightening.

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