Why choose EME International?

Experience: We have over 20 years in the Workers' Compensation, Impairment Rating and Liability industry.                           

Technology: Our doctors use our own proprietary software which calculates Impairment Ratings based on the AMA guides as well as FCE and IME reporter software. We also sell this software to anyone looking to reduce the time it takes to preform and generate a report. Our software will not only increase your accuracy but will generate you more money.                           

Education: We have been educating MD's, DO's, DC's, PA's, PT's, adjusters, lawyers, assistants and anyone involved in the Impairment Rating process for over 17 years. Helping you get it right the first time is our passion.         

Certification: Certification proves competency!  We are the provider of the Certified Impairment Rating Specialist testing (CIRS) which provides the CIRS 4th, CIRS 5th & CIRS 6th, tests based on the AMA 4th, 5th and 6th Edition Guides as well as the State of Nevada certification testing (NIRSAT™).